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I am Dániel Szabó, Building Services Engineer, owner-manager of Delion Technik Kft.

I graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. From the very beginning of my career, I have specialized myself in the area of sprinkler system design and construction and have been working in this special field of building services engineering ever since.

In order to increase my knowledge and gain extensive experience, I continued my career in Germany until 2016 as a Designer, Project Manager.

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Design of sprinkler systems

Design of sprinkler systems

The sprinkler system is the most common water-based built-in fire extinguisher. Its function is to extinguish or control the fire during the initial phase, without human intervention. Water is the most commonly used extinguishing agent. Its high thermal capacity, non-flammability, high heat of vaporization and general availability make it suitable for fire fighting. The benefits of water extinguishing include the relatively low cost and the ease of access. The sprinkler system is a specially dimensioned and hydraulically designed equipment in which the nozzles are distributed in the area to be protected in a way that the spray pattern of the sprinkler heads covers the entire area and in the event of fire they are supplied with sufficient water and pressure.

Design of gas extinguishing systems

Design of gas extinguishing systems

Gas extinguishing is a commonly used fire protection solution. Its advantages include simple design, low maintenance, cleanliness, dirt-free application. Gas extinguishing is predominant in applications where, for some special reason, water based extinguishing agents are not applicable due to the nature of the object or technology to be protected. Such areas include, for example, high-value electrical with complex structures, computer centres that operate important databases, electrical switchgear, industrial control and management centres, aircraft engines, etc.

Design of water mist extinguishing systems

Design of water mist extinguishing systems

Atomizing water into micrometre drops favourably influences the energy conversion efficiency of heat transfer and hence the extinguishing process. The use of water mist can significantly reduce the amount of water needed for extinguishing, close to the theoretical fire water requirement. It is primarily used to extinguish surface fires of solids. Deep-burnt, smouldering materials can be extinguished using particles introduced with high energy. It has the advantages of very good energy conversion efficiency, low extinguishing agent requirement and minimal water damage.

Project management

Our company undertakes project management of sprinkler systems, construction coordination, on-site coordination, as well as arranging the necessary authority, customer and co-contractor consultations. In the course of our work, we constantly monitor that the construction is carried out with the appropriate materials, adherence to standards and regulations and on time.

Construction supervision

With continuous on-site supervision, we guarantee that the sprinkler system is implemented to the desired quality, in accordance with the standards and regulations.

Review of existing systems

We undertake to review existing sprinkler systems and design documentation and to prepare the related expert opinion.

Official administration

We undertake to perform the complete official administration, authorization process and official commissioning of fire extinguishing systems.

Success comes from setting a goal, a change that we want to achieve. And we do not stop until we cross the finish line.

Dr. Imre Csernus

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